Blackjack rules

Everybody wants to win in online Blackjack when they start playing. The objective is to beat the dealer, and there are many ways to do it. For this purpose, it is important to use Blackjack guide online for learning the basic rules and try to get as much as possible.

Standard rules mean that Blackjack uses eight 52-card decks. Use free demo-versions to learn how to play Black jack. Eight players can simultaneously participate in a game. Each participant, including the dealer, is dealt two cards, and the first dealer’s card is always exposed. It helps players to understand how to proceed. For example, if the dealer’s open card is an ace, he is likely to win.

Knowing the terms is important to succeed in Blackjack:

  1. ‘Hand’ means the cards dealt to one player or dealer.
  2. ‘Shuffle’ is one game from its beginning to end.
  3. ‘Tracking’ is observation of card positions.
  4. ‘Insurance’ is the bet made for possible 21 in the dealer’s hand (available only if the dealer’s first card is an ace).
  5. ‘Shoe’ is a device for card dealing.

You are not allowed to make bets when all cards are handled. To proceed, you just need to analyze the situation and decide about your next step. It also works well if you know how to count points, and when you have a plan for each hand. If you can do it, you have learned how to play Blackjack like a pro.

Blackjack Rules

Knowing rules of Blackjack is vitally important. First of all, you need to know card values. The pip value relates to the cards from two to ten (as they are). Jack, Queen and King (face cards) are worth ten points each. Depending on the hand, Ace value is one or eleven points. Here, the question arises: what does hard and soft mean in Blackjack? The hand without an Ace is called hard, and the hand with an Ace (valued 11) is called soft. The Ace can also have the value of 1 point to avoid exceeding 21.

There are other terms that deal with Blackjack four standard options after getting four cards:

  1. ‘Hit’ is taking one more card from the dealer (prior to getting the hand of 21, or before the pip out).
  2. ‘Stand’ is a way to tell the dealer that you need no more cards.
  3. ‘Double Down’ means that you are allowed to take one more card to increase your initial bet for up to 100%. You will be allowed to do the same only in the next shuffle.
  4. ‘Split’ is recommended when the two cards of a hand are of the same value. You have to make the second bet which is equal to the initial one, and then split the total value into two hands.
  5. ‘Surrender’ means that a player does not want to continue after the hand is dealt. Then, you get back only one half of your bet.

During the game, the dealer is not allowed to double, surrender, or split. Some other rules of Blackjack imply that if a player gets 21 points just after drawing, it is called ‘natural blackjack’. It means that the player should be paid out immediately. This natural blackjack beats all other hands, even if they have the value of 21. These casino Blackjack rules can be modified by the house, but not to a great extent.

How to Win at Blackjack

The best way to win at Blackjack is to play according to the rules, accurately considering all available options. As well, you need to avoid a pip out (excess of points). It is very important to recognize the appropriate moment when you should pass, or hit accurately when having 12 points already. The following chart will help you to pick up a correct move.

There are no certain keys to winning Blackjack. You must be lucky enough to play and win. Though, relying on luck only is the worst strategy. There many more others which can help you in your gambling venture. Learning these things is of vital importance, and the ability to use them properly depends on your experience.

It’s always up to you what next step to choose. For instance, you may prefer to make insurance bets to be secure against losing all the money at once or, on the contrary, to increase the main bet if you are sure about winning.


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