Blackjack strategy

Successful playing Blackjack online implies your awareness of the variety of strategies. They are useful means of increasing chances for winning. Knowing just some of strategies for Black jack is sure to help you get desirable results.

Each Blackjack strategy increases the player’s chances for winning. The first place among the multitude of them is occupied by the basic strategy. Here is a short Blackjack strategy guide to be conveniently used even by a new player. It reveals the set of actions in certain situations. You are recommended to remember and use them, since the main ideas of the basic strategy are common for all Blackjack games. Though, using this strategy you should keep in mind that it is not always as beneficial as you expect from it because it decreases the advantages of a player by some percent. For this reason, experienced players use more advanced strategies and schemes.

We also advise you to study one of basic Blackjack strategy charts provided below to be able to predict the course of the game under different conditions. Here you can clearly see each variant provided that the house edge ranges between 0.5% and 1%. In this case, a player has an advantage of possible winning by 49.75%, and that is a great result.

To understand how strategies for Blackjack work, it is useful to regard the following example. Let’s imagine that a player gets a ten and a six as a hand. The dealer has a ten exposed. Find the intercrossing of a column and a row. It is recommended to surrender in this case to save just a half of your bet.

Knowing Strategies for Blackjack Will Help to Win

The question of how many decks in Blackjack we can encounter is often asked. Their number can vary from a single deck to 2, 4, 6, or 8 decks accordingly. All of them are just variations of the classic game, so the same strategies for Blackjack can be applied in them. The variant with 6 decks is more beneficial for a player because its house edge is relatively low – just 0.26%, no matter that you cannot apply any card hitting strategy here.

Frequently enough, the size of the house edge provided by casinos and their regulators is based on their assumption that most players use this simple basic strategy only. That is why it is important when you are able to use other strategies, such as Doubling that reminds the Martingale scheme of betting (a player can double a bet stake after each shuffle to cover the losses from the previous one), or the Hi-Lo Count strategy dealing with the accurate point estimation (however, it does not work for online casinos).

How to Count Cards in Blackjack

Using any strategy does not result in winning unless you know what card counting in Blackjack is, and how it can be used efficiently. The casino advantage is that the dealer hits and opens the hand only after each player has made a decision. The total casino benefit counts as 8%. Using a basic strategy, a player can decrease this benefit to 0.5%. To get a bigger advantage, you need to learn some card counting strategy, for example, Hi-Lo Count that appeared in 1962.

The lies in The fact that it is impossible for a common person to remember all the numbers coming out from all the decks and shuffles adds to the difficulty in Blackjack card counting. However, there are some Blackjack counting systems which can help define the possibilities of certain card combinations after getting to know the rules. Remember that, since Blackjack players do not beat each other, they can possibly play as a team to count the cards and win.


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